The Barrowhaunts

Band of dead adventurers, trying to keep a hold of their legacy and treasure.


The Barrowhaunts are featured in Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale. Below is a small excerpt and campaign-specific information about the group.

The adventurers sought to plunder the Sword Barrow and evoked the wrath of a warlord entombed within. The warlord’s spirit called to the native hill folk in the area. Instead of relinquishing the treasure, the troupe slaughtered the hill folk. A curse was placed upon the Barrowhaunts, binding them to the land for all eternity.


Cassian d’Cherevan – human knight

Cassian was born of noble blood in Pengwood to Earl Jaushwa d’Cherevan. As is custom in Pengwood, Cassian became a page and later was knighted. While his combat skills where never an issue, Cassian lacked the diligence needed to be a proper successor to his father; after several quarrels Cassian left Pengwood and lead the life of a sellsword prior to finding his adventuring companions that would turn into the Barrow Haunts.

Boldos Grimehammer – dwarven forger

A scout and forger of the Cinderwood clan, Boldos is an expert as survival, capable of keeping beings alive in even the most inhospitable environments in Rhinec. He brought dishonor to, and was later exiled from, his clan when he killed an ibixian that was later found to not be under influences of demonic possession.

Before becoming undead, he assisted parties of adventurers in surviving through areas of Rhinec that have been completely ravaged by the 3000-year old damage brought by the War of the Godhand, including surviving in regions such as Fire Field and the Poison Yard. Now his malice and stubborn-headedness are emphasized in his undeath, and he serves the Barrow Haunts as added muscle.

Joplin the Sly – halfling rogue

Once a petty cutpurse and infiltrator, Joplin enabled the adventuring groups she travelled with the ability to take less forceful employment opportunities. She has a history of escaping custody of lawmen and bounty hunters, and is accused of stealing valuables ranging from copper farthings to finery owned by the Aranestee of Lakeshire. Prior to her undeath, it was rumored that she was entering negotiations with the assassin guild known as the Order of the Crimson Night.

Adrian ‘Iceheart’ Reginold – human wizard

Adrian was trained by the Jade Staves, an order of wizards based out of The Glorious Penguia Kingdom. Lifelong friends of Cassian and Uthelyn, Adrian enjoyed straddling the social boundaries in his rare moments outside of study and research.

Adrian researched the meteor phenomenon the most in his studies. As a result, Adrian has mastered teleportation magics that are superior to many of his peers that he developed while studying the magics that weaken the boundaries between the planes around the crash sites. His research also includes places that have been tainted by elemental beings, such as Estova.

Many claim that it is Adrian who made Cassian grow in contempt over his destiny of becoming Earl, but those who where close to Adrian say it was Cassian’s distain for his birthright and Uthelyn’s worldview that set Adrian down the path to the nick-name ‘Iceheart’ prior to his leaving Pengwood with Cassian. In the events preceding his departure, Adrian used his arcane might to ward off a marauding band of orcs – allowing many to die in order to display overwhelming might.

Uthelyn the Mad – helf-elf cuthroat

Hardened by a life of poverty, Uthelyn is a psychopathic outcast and opportunist. Growing up in Penguia, Uthelyn was rejected by society much like any other half-breeds in the region. She was a street urchan in a gang of other half-breeds known as the Brat-Breeds. Considered little more than a nuisance, Uthelyn and her gang. As gang members dindled due to being caught, Uthelyn took more and more risks until one day she was cornered by a shopkeep and a town guard. While her fellow gang members were about to yield, Uthelyn killed the guard on the spot and delivered a wound that would later claim the life of the shopkeep.

Uthelyn is a suspect in several murders in the area around Lakeshire.

The Barrowhaunts

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