Rhinec Online

Adventures from December 16th and 30th

Guess we're being railroaded into this adven... wait, we can keep the tower?

The party avoids talking to the Shivaun’Ti, allowing Hobaron to complete his trade with Xenithri.

The party also meets Gwen, a single-minded yet devout defender of nature that protects the area around Lakeshire. At her request, the party ventures to the abandoned Vangaurd Tower (with little knowledge of it’s history cough) in an effort to prevent Sark-Nuza from completing a trade that would put two troublesome rust monsters in the hands of a feral, demon-obsessed pack of ibixian.

At the top of the tower, the party fights Sark-Nuza, eliminating the menace from Rhinec for good. Upon the table rest a potent magical item that will map the surroundings for it’s weilder, a mimic on a book shelf (that was squashed by Zournal), and a vacant tower that simply needs a little maintenance in order to become a base of operations.

More troubling, but just as valuable a find is a note to Sark-Nuza, talking about an individual named Calastryx and an organization referred to as the Chamber…

With a new home, a powerful magic item, and vague references to a new menace at hand, the party stands at the starting point of great adventure.




To be posted (all treasure has been given)


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