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Adventure from February 10th

So, we have these guys who want their home back...

The Wayward Hunters continue their clean-up of Hunter’s Hold. Zournal discovers the sacrifices required to augment the transportation glyphs on the second floor, as well as the components needed to put the companion symbol on his fellow adventurers. Arogoth did odd jobs in Lakeshire, while Hobaron tried to research potential caches of treasure to fund the restoration of Hunter’s Hold. Breen discovered a settlement mostly consisting of gnomes in a swampland south east of Lakeshire.

While at Hunter’s Hold, the party was ambushed by two undead monsters that where later identified to be members of the Barrowhaunts; a group of adventurers who committed an act so bad that an ancient undead warlord cursed them to wander the world for all time.

Upon returning to Lakeshire, Zournal and Hobaron find that Benizius was murdered by another ember of the Barrowhaunts. Jorgal requests that the Wayward Hunters dispatch the Barrowhaunts – which proves to be no easy task as preparations are being made. They do not know how the full strength of the Barrowhaunts will manifest in their center of power, or how to banish them for good from the Material Plane – and this ignores the desires of the warlord who bestowed the curse.

While contemplating these choices, the party spots a meteor plummeting into the ground. Needing a ‘break’ from planning and digging, they gather their gear an goes to the site. In an attempt to intersect the path of the extraplanar being, the party goes through a ruined temple of Orcus that is now inhabited by fire-infused defenses…


(Note: your PCs started the adventure at 5,500xp)


Ritual Candle


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