Quest Log

Useful for quick refreshers and as a way to refocus, the Quest Log will list the party’s current quests they are perusing.

Feel free to edit these quests to add details you think are important.

Primary Quests

The Champion of the Shivaun’Ti

Aquired: Adventure from October 14th
The party assists an old Shivaun’Ti Revered Mother in her pilgrimage to a sacred site in an attempt to reclaim a relic of the religion.

Individual Quests


Fair Trade

Aquired: Adventure from October 14th
Hobaron makes a deal with his diabolic contact to his power source, Xenithi, to trade a Shivaun’Ti relic for the Rod of Nargus.


Writing on the Wall

Aquired: Adventures in November

The Church of Ioun in Lakeshire asks Zournal to investigate the suspicion of long-forgotten knowledge in a ruin to the south of town.

Completed Quests

Shadows of a Mad Necromancer The party investigates a strange disturbance of shadow energy that flows from a mansion rumored to belong to a long-forgotten shadow magic practitioner.
Forbidden Zone
Slavers of Sark-Nuza

Quest Log

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