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Adventure from August 25
So, I know you? Cool. Lets be hero-ish and get money.

The party accepted a commission of 500gp to seek out and eliminate the source of dark energies that are causing the people of Raylins Quarry to feel crushing despair. A Shivaun’Ti revered mother had visions of the energies emanating from an abandoned mansion two days north of town.

As the party dreged through the spirit-draining energies towards the mansion, previously owned by a mage who practiced shadow magic, the party confirmed rumors of it being haunted and defended themselves against a pack of zombies and two wraiths.


When you see XP awarded here, feel free to add it to your character sheet.
If it ever becomes enough to level, I’ll also note here if you can level-up your char or not.


Companionship (awwwww, so sweet!)

Adventure from August 27
Rember the time we gave the military all the money? Those where the days...

As a side-adventure that took place prior to the August 25 adventure: Hobaron, Breen and Arogoth accepted a commission from Deskyer Thanterium, a merchant in Raylins Quarry who is in hard times, to retrieve items of value from his family’s abandoned vault in Umps-Plaier. The problem is Umps-Plaier is currently occupied and guarded by Morderand soldiers as part of a claimed territory.

The band gathered their gear and headed to Umps-Plaier. After some initial investigation, they decided to walk through one of the gates into Umps-Plaier under the cover story that they where with a visiting high-ranking military officer named Shadovar Erart Mirt.

Once inside, the party soon discoverers that the entire forbidden zone of Umps-Plaier is drenched in energy leaking from the Shadowfell. Eventually they find the old Thanterium family home. After dealing with collapsed structures and traps, the party discovers left-over plates, vases, and paintings.

After retrieving the hard-to-carry loot, the party leaves and is assailed by ghostly warriors. When things get bleek for Breen and Arogoth, Shadowvar Erart Mirt appears and dispirses the ghosts. Erart acts as if this trek was his idea, asking for a full report of the expedition and confiscating the goods fromt he vault. In return, he gives Hobaron, Breen and Arogoth gold and allows them to keep the magical suit of armor found in the vault. As a final gesture, Erart provided the adventurers with a clay token with guilded gold inlays with a strange symbol on it.

Deskyer was not happy with the events, but did not hold it against the PCs. He provided them shelter for the night and promised to keep them in mind should he require their services in the future.



All PCs in Rhinec Online receive experience posted, even if they where not at the session. For sessions such as this that are technically outside the common timeline, only 1/2 XP is awarded. See the House Rules for more.


135gp split as 45gp to Hobaron, Breen and Arogoth
+1 Delvers Plate
Clay token with strange symbol

Adventure from September 9th
Oh we found a new friend!!! What, she died? Oh...

After resting from their encounter with wraiths and zombies, a woman named Briaura comes from the mansions with a dae-y look and a strong sword arm approched the party and joined them. Then the partyh encountered ghouls, wraiths and twig blights and defeate them all at the cost of Briaura’s life.



Books on shadow magic and nether magic, estimated to be worth 500gp
A dark iron flask that is always cold to touch and is magical (with no apparent effect)

Bag of Holding
Staff of Iron Infusion
Stonemeal Biscuit x4

Adventure from September 30th
I want the captives to die, and I'll watch them burn from the bar I stole.


Hobaron and Zornal traveled through Raylins Quarry to stumble upon a group of slavers adding a warforged (Aefour) and a thri-keen (Klick) to their collection. A fight breaks out, resulting in the horrible death of the slavers.

While trying to free the captives, a column of fire strikes the cart and sends the horses into a frenzy. Zournal tries his hardest to stop the cart, but was not able to do it by himself. Instead, the cart injures two elderly, three “special needs” children and a guardian, and a performer before crashing in the town center, allowing the captives to burn to death.


It was after this incident that the party was beseeched by a grieving (brand new!) widow, asking for vengence against the slave trade ring. A local guard pointed the finger at a beholder-gauth named Sark-Nuza.

The party found a local tavern, the Rusty Spike Tavern, that was harboring someone organizing the local activity of Sark-Nuza’s. After much killing, the party finds their way to the informant and kills him, ending his activity within Raylins Quarry.



1pp (not divided up; Hobaron, Zornal, Aefour and Klick can split it after you break it at a money changer)
180gp (split as 45gp each to Hobaron, Zornal, Aefour, and Klick)
miscellaneous copper pieces
+1 Prime Shot Crossbow
Chime of Awakening

Adventure from October 7th
If I have to fight just one more insubstantial creature...

After what felt like an eternity of studying the magical orb which was sending shadow energy into the area surrounding Raylin’s Quarry, Hobaron, Zornal, Arogoth, and Breen find a way to brush aside the entrails and manipulate the energies to pass through. They end up in an area that looks much the same as where they began, only gray-er, and with an odd clicking sound. Upon looking around, Hobaron and Zornal, see one of the captives they rescued from the slave trade a few weeks ago (who seems to have been the source of the odd clicking noise, gaining him the name, ‘Klick’), inside a holding cell. While Arogoth tries to bend the bars to release the Thri-Keen captive, Hobaron points to a lever which Zornal pulls, accidentally starting a moving wall designed to crush the contents of the holding cell (the crushed bones and contents should have been a clue, but it was ignored). Luckily, Klick was able to gather his wits and pass through the phase-shifting bars without any accidental impalement and remove himself from danger.

All of a sudden, as the wall crushed the remaining contents of the holding cell, a door on the other side of the room flung open, revealing a minion horde ready to slay the adventurers. Fortunately, their frailty meant they were soon dispatched, leaving only Brian, the Enchanted Pretty Pony of Luck shimmering amongst the otherwise gray surroundings. The party also discovered the remains of Airuairb, the cowardly. Who’s decision to remain behind while his party charged ahead meant his untimely death at the hand of evil gwits. Further searching uncovered another clicking sound (however, Klick could not interpret the language) coming from the top of a stairwell. The fearless party learned from Airuairb’s mistake and charged ahead, finding themselves in a battle with an arcane, shadowy enemy and his protectors. Running away aside, the party fought bravely, in a seemingly winless battle and prevailed against the darkness without so much as a single magic missile being cast in. During the battle, Arogoth and Breen were struck to the ground, but fate rested on their side as Zornal and Klick were able to restore both before their last breaths were forced from their lungs. Also in the room was a large magical device emitting the shadow energy. Hobaron quickly made his way to the control panel and, as if a voice from beyond was instructing him, quickly pulled the lever to stop the magic energies from being emitted.

As the shadow subsided, the adventurers made the long journey back through the orb and to Raylin’s Quarry, to the Rusty Nail Tavern, where they collected the gold they were promised for the adventure. There, they were met by Erart Mirt, the Steward Shadowvar agent for the Mordrand Military. His interest was purely informational. He purchased the Arcane books the party had collected on their journey and also was given some information about Sark-Nuza’s involvement. When the transaction was complete, the party enjoyed a little time to contemplate what the adventure meant to each of them, and how they could apply the knowledge they just learned to better themselves.


You have leveled! You are now level 2.
As a one-time bonus, you may re-distribute your ability points; some people didn’t know what stuff they wanted to do with their character originally, and since 1/2 of you are new to 4th edition I figured I’d allow this one-time ability point respec.


750gp from:

  • 500gp (paid from town for investigation)
  • 250gp from selling the book selling the Aracne books for over their value (for a total of 750gp for the set)
Adventure from October 14th
Nothing like the smell of old-lady for two weeks straight!

While Hobaron finished a bargain with Xenithi (Hobaron‘s “patron”), the devil proposed another trade – The Rod of Nargus for a vaguely specified boot or legging that is desired by a Shivaun’Ti Revered Mother.

As fate would have it, a message was sent to the party asking for an audience with the Revered Mother. On the way to the meeting, mercenaries from the Dragon Court attacked the PCs in broad daylight.

It didn’t go well for the felldrake lovers.

After sorting things out with the local law enforcement, the party met with the Revered Mother and agreed to escort her to an area outside of Lakeshire for 1,000gp upon arrival. Preperations where made and the party set out for their destination.

On the fourth day of the journey, the party encountered a deathkin; a magical best born of the energies of the Shadowfell. The beast’s material form dissipated after a rough bout, leaving everyone standing.




Iron Armbands of Power

Adventures in November
What, you can't have 3 separate entries you jerk?

Hate to break the flow of these adventure logs, but November was busy for me. :)

You guys proceeded southward with the Shivaun’Ti seer in tow. Along the way you fought a pack of wild boars and a grell, as well as a demonic band of ibixian (gaining favor of a deity to boot).

Before you arrived at your destination, the seer passed away in her sleep. You still proceeded to Lakeshire, visited the library and temple of Ioun, and made your general way to where the seer was suppose to be headed.

You met a troupe of Shivaun’Ti in the ruins of an old keep and managed to convince them (through no real effort of your own) to let you proove yourself a champion in order to claim the sacred boots that are said to belong to the reincarnation of some Shivaun’Ti legend.


Total to come – you are level 3


Gallery Platemail +2
Battle Standard of Honor
Kord’s Mighty Blessing
Power Jewel
2 Potions of Healing
2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds
5 gems worth 100gp
art object worth 250gp
… and others.

Adventure from December 2nd
We did it! Now to get past the Shivaun'Ti alive...

After unlocking the massive door to the south and forcing open the door in the north, the party ventured forward through the ruins of Lornal Keep in search of the relic that both the Shivaun’Ti and Xenithi desire.

In the northern room, the party discovered a pair of boots upon a pedistal. Upon further inspection, the blessing of the Shivaun’Ti upon the party revealed a puzzle that, once solved, lead to the real relic. Additionally, Zournal deciphered ancient divine text that bestowed upon him the knowledge to charge runes with power, bestowing gifts of power upon their user.

In the southern room, the party encountered another puzzle that would allow passage to a treasure room. Being cautious, the majority of the party stayed out of the room while Zournal investigated. Unfortunately, this caused the party to split, as Zournal was trapped inside a room with a spectral hydra and a quickly rising level of liquid acid. While Zournal quickly solved the puzzle, the rest of the party broke through the door and delivered a volley of arcane fury and martial might at the spectre. The party proceeded to the treasure room, claiming some interesting equipment.

With boots and loots, the party makes their way to the exit of the ruins, contemplating on the best course of action concerning the Shivaun’Ti above.


To date, every PC has exactly 3750xp.
You are now level 4! Go ahead and level up now. Since you are currently adventuring, we will not use the new lvl4 stats until you are in the clear.


Scroll ring worth about 20gp
Artificer’s Apron
Cask of Liquid Gold
Boots of Stealth
Everlasting Provisions
Backpack of Concealment

Adventures from December 16th and 30th
Guess we're being railroaded into this adven... wait, we can keep the tower?

The party avoids talking to the Shivaun’Ti, allowing Hobaron to complete his trade with Xenithri.

The party also meets Gwen, a single-minded yet devout defender of nature that protects the area around Lakeshire. At her request, the party ventures to the abandoned Vangaurd Tower (with little knowledge of it’s history cough) in an effort to prevent Sark-Nuza from completing a trade that would put two troublesome rust monsters in the hands of a feral, demon-obsessed pack of ibixian.

At the top of the tower, the party fights Sark-Nuza, eliminating the menace from Rhinec for good. Upon the table rest a potent magical item that will map the surroundings for it’s weilder, a mimic on a book shelf (that was squashed by Zournal), and a vacant tower that simply needs a little maintenance in order to become a base of operations.

More troubling, but just as valuable a find is a note to Sark-Nuza, talking about an individual named Calastryx and an organization referred to as the Chamber…

With a new home, a powerful magic item, and vague references to a new menace at hand, the party stands at the starting point of great adventure.




To be posted (all treasure has been given)

Adventure from January 13th
7 days earlier...

After defeating Sark-Nuza and claiming the now-named Hunter’s Hold, the Wayward Hunters return to Lakeshire in order to get their affairs in order.

The party talks with Arnaestee Norvik Belsmith, who congragulates the Wayward Hunters on their victory, giving each of them ornate broaches of state – effectively naming each of the members a noble within the protective walls of Lakeshire.

The party also talks with High Servant Jorgall Pushes Winds, a goliath who serves as a personal bodyguard to Norvik and handles general duties of the town. Through Jorgall, the party manages to get in touch with some smiths that can construct an iron door to Hunter’s Hold, and a magewright by the name of Benizius that offers to enchant the door with a locking magicka in exchange for exploring a magical aura that is disrupting his other spellwork.

Arogoth does some odd jobs around Lakeshire, being well recieved by everyone except a random passer-by he bumpped into. Breen uncovered that Calastryx is an evil red dragon that has been touched by mutagenic magics that have bestowed him with multiple heads. Zournal recieved a request from Hurk at the Temple of Ioun to investigate a structure known as the Vei Stones – of which Hobaron discovered that a sect of druids use conduct sacrifices there in order to ward off evil nature spirits.

With promises made, the Wayward Hunters travel southward to the Vei Stones in order to investigate. They are ambushed by two dwarves and a bugbear who control an unkindness of vengeful ravens. After defeating them, the party ventures further through the catacombes underneath the Vei Stones.




Broaches noting nobility within Lakeshire
Broach of Light
Gold ring with amythist (300gp)
Ivory Statue of a krenshar (200gp)


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