Aefour Sicksteen


Aefour Sickstean, level 1
Warforged, Battlemind
Psionic Study: Persistent Harrier
Background: Seeker for the Lost Clan (Seeker for the Lost Clan Benefit)

Str 9, Con 20, Dex 10, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10.

Str 9, Con 18, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 19 Fort: 15 Reflex: 13 Will: 15
HP: 35 Surges: 14 Surge Value: 8

Intimidate +7, Endurance +10, History +7

Acrobatics -2, Arcana +1, Bluff, Diplomacy, Dungeoneering +3, Heal +2, Insight +2, Nature +2, Perception +2, Religion +1, Stealth -2, Streetwise, Thievery -2, Athletics -3

Level 1: Improved Warforged Resolve

Battlemind at-will 1: World-Slipping Advance
Battlemind at-will 1: Renewed Focus
Battlemind daily 1: Living Fortress

Heavy Shield, Scale Armor, Adventurer’s Kit, Javelin, Longsword


Aefour was built in the last few years of the existance of Calterron. Constructed with pshycicly sensitive crytsals embedded within its chassis, Aefour’s original purpose was to ruthlessly assassinate targets that threaten war wizards during skirmishes. After the calamity that brought nightmareish creatures to Calterron, the rest of the warforged fashioned like Aefour went crazy and killed each other. Aefour was not taken by the same corruption, however. Instead, Aefour sought out new orders. After a meager attempt to help the native Calterrans, Aefour was left alone without orders. To figure out what its orders should be, Aefour has begun researching the culture and history of Calterron in order to interpret new standing orders. While doing so over the past couple thousand years, Aefour’s killer instinct has obtained it infamy; Aefour is a wanted murderur in several regions. Aefour likes to travel with others who are willing to hide him and help him understand the petty differences between self defesnse and murder.

Aefour has a metal plate on his right shoulder with the script ‘A4-16’; this is where it got its name.

Aefour Sicksteen

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