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We have been playing the campaign for 10 months so far, averaging around 1.5 games a month. Since we’ve started, everyone has gained 6 levels, met a few NPCs, made a few enemies, got a new home, seen 2 adventurers wander off into the ether, and watched one fellow adventurer die.

The Wayward Hunters are on the cusp of many life-altering events within the region around Lakeshire that can potentially have grave consequences across all of Rhinec if left unchallenged. Additionally, some of the PCs have their own agenda that may come at odds with the current events. Here is a summary of what the Wayward Hunters are faced with to-date.

The Barrowhaunts

Undead adventurers cursed with eternal undeath, the Barrowhaunts have been gunning for the adventuring party since level 3 out of petty desires to not have their legacy be washed away by some living adventurers. The party has fought most of the Barrowhaunts at one point in time or another with the exception of Cassian, their defacto leader. It is guessed that the Warlord of the Sword Barrow (responsible for placing the curse upon the Barrowhaunts) is actually guiding their actions, but no solid proof of this has been found.

The Rogue Wizard

A rogue wizard has been sighted by a few folk in the Lakeshire region. This wizard is responsible for opening up gates to the Elemental Plane of Fire. These gates are potential hazards for obvious reasons, but particularly the party closed a gate due to it’s interference in magic in the region. Ervart has warned the party that they have been stalked by this rogue wizard ever since.

The Dragon Court

Back in Raylins Quarry, the party tangled with some hired help known as the Dragon Court. Embarrassing them soundly, the Dragon Court has a grudge against the heroes and has sent a mercenary by the name of Marik to take care of the party. This grudge still lingers, and the Dragon Court is simply biding it’s time.

The Chamber / Calastryx

After having defeted Sark-Nuza, a particularly powerful force in the local black market, slave trade, and monstrous beast trade, the party found a note addressed to Sark-Nuza from an entity known as The Chamber. In the letter it only mentioned one other name – Calastryx; a large three-headed dragon that lives in the mountains nearby. While the party has had no trouble that was attributed to The Chamber or Calastryx, the sudden loss of a lucrative black market outlet surely couldn’t have gone unnoticed by The Chamber.

Plus The Party’s Personal Agenda!

This is in addition to the stories that each player (save the new one) has sent me! There is a lot going on in around Lakeshire, and things are only going to get more interesting from here.


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