Rhinec Online

Adventure from May

There's no way we're talking to living things. We're talking to dead things.

The Wayward Hunters debated between talking to the Shivaun’Ti (who they took an ancient relic from to give to Hoberon’s patron devil), or talking with the Warlord of the Sword Barrow. The party decided to talk with the Warlord. At the journey’s end, the party is ambushed by most of the Barrowhaunts – apparently their base of operations is out of the Sword Barrrow.

After defeating most of their opponents parleying with the survivor, the heroes return to Hunters Hold to plot again. While contemplating courses of action, Arogoth committed a Minecraft sin; he dug straight down. The 1st floor of Hunters Hold gave way to an arcane laboratory!


Yet to be calculated…


Well, the basement.


deltran deltran

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