Rhinec Online

Adventure From January 27th

PLEASE let us get an extended rest!

The party retrieved a magical crystal simply called a Fire Crystal from within the Fire Field at the direction of the Barrowhaunts.

Now the Wayward Hunters travel east and north back to Hunters’ Hold.



Each party member is sitting at 14125xp; level 8!

A fire crystal
500 platinum pieces
A glowing crystaline heart in a metal lockbox
The bag of assorted treasure from Old Fort Oren contains the following:
A fine mortar and pestal, with other alchemist equipment (+3 to alchemy-based checks, or 750gp)
An ivory comb adorn with many jewels – 750gp
A non-magical set of golden bracers with fire opals – you guested it, 750gp for the set


deltran deltran

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