Rhinec Online

Adventure from April 28th

As the Wayward Hunters emerge from the abandoned temple of Orcus, they are assaulted by Adrian ‘Iceheart’ Reginold of The Barrowhuants and a troupe of languishing mercenary spirits. Adrian had enhanced the abilities of the spirits with sigils that granted the host uncommon powers which they used to their fullest extent. The collective efforts of the party where still greater, and Adrian abandoned the spirits to fend for themselves against the party.

Upon returning to Hunter’s Hold, the party discover Shadowvar agents have escorted Erart Mirt to deliver two warnings to the Wayward Hunters: that the party has inadvertently attracted the notice of a rouge mage that was opening up portals to the elemental planes, and that Erart would be out of the region for an extended period of time (contact with others within the Shadowvar are not recommended).

The party recovers and conducts business in town as they prepare to face the threats coming to them…


You should have 7,600xp – 100xp over the limit needed for level 6!


Upgraded Arcane Lock on Hunter’s Hold (DC 27; Barrowhaunts can no longer enter Hunter’s Hold)
Infinite Wardrobe (looks like Shadowvar uniforms upon opening)
A supply convoy belonging to the Shadowvar has arrived at Hunter’s Hold. There is a chance a common or uncommon magic item of level 6 or lower is available from the convoy. PLEASE PICK THESE BEFORE THE NEXT SESSION; I will tell you if you find it or not ASAP


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