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Adventure From March 3rd



1190xp – You are level 9! 16575 Total XP

+3 Maul
Helm of Battle

Adventure From February 24th
Wow, she's hot, I'll grapple her.




+3 Jagged Executioner’s Axe
+2 Amulet of Life

Adventure From February 10th
Catching some clean country air.




813gp in copper, silver, and gold coins
Battlestrider Greaves, plus +1 to defenses against fear attacks
Gloves of Storing

Adventure From January 27th
PLEASE let us get an extended rest!

The party retrieved a magical crystal simply called a Fire Crystal from within the Fire Field at the direction of the Barrowhaunts.

Now the Wayward Hunters travel east and north back to Hunters’ Hold.



Each party member is sitting at 14125xp; level 8!

A fire crystal
500 platinum pieces
A glowing crystaline heart in a metal lockbox
The bag of assorted treasure from Old Fort Oren contains the following:
A fine mortar and pestal, with other alchemist equipment (+3 to alchemy-based checks, or 750gp)
An ivory comb adorn with many jewels – 750gp
A non-magical set of golden bracers with fire opals – you guested it, 750gp for the set

Adventure From June 22nd
For being an 'empty cave', there sure is a lot of crap living down here...

Breaking a whole in the wall of the Wayward Hunter’s new-found basement, the party ventures down a natural cavern that was below Hunter’s Hold. Barely scratching the surface of this complex, the party encounters a lizard-riding kobold paladin named KraK fighting a Deathkin. After a rough battle, the party ventures back up to Hunter’s Hold to talk with the kobold.




assorted items that people found useful

The Adventure So Far...
Carry on...

We have been playing the campaign for 10 months so far, averaging around 1.5 games a month. Since we’ve started, everyone has gained 6 levels, met a few NPCs, made a few enemies, got a new home, seen 2 adventurers wander off into the ether, and watched one fellow adventurer die.

The Wayward Hunters are on the cusp of many life-altering events within the region around Lakeshire that can potentially have grave consequences across all of Rhinec if left unchallenged. Additionally, some of the PCs have their own agenda that may come at odds with the current events. Here is a summary of what the Wayward Hunters are faced with to-date.

The Barrowhaunts

Undead adventurers cursed with eternal undeath, the Barrowhaunts have been gunning for the adventuring party since level 3 out of petty desires to not have their legacy be washed away by some living adventurers. The party has fought most of the Barrowhaunts at one point in time or another with the exception of Cassian, their defacto leader. It is guessed that the Warlord of the Sword Barrow (responsible for placing the curse upon the Barrowhaunts) is actually guiding their actions, but no solid proof of this has been found.

The Rogue Wizard

A rogue wizard has been sighted by a few folk in the Lakeshire region. This wizard is responsible for opening up gates to the Elemental Plane of Fire. These gates are potential hazards for obvious reasons, but particularly the party closed a gate due to it’s interference in magic in the region. Ervart has warned the party that they have been stalked by this rogue wizard ever since.

The Dragon Court

Back in Raylins Quarry, the party tangled with some hired help known as the Dragon Court. Embarrassing them soundly, the Dragon Court has a grudge against the heroes and has sent a mercenary by the name of Marik to take care of the party. This grudge still lingers, and the Dragon Court is simply biding it’s time.

The Chamber / Calastryx

After having defeted Sark-Nuza, a particularly powerful force in the local black market, slave trade, and monstrous beast trade, the party found a note addressed to Sark-Nuza from an entity known as The Chamber. In the letter it only mentioned one other name – Calastryx; a large three-headed dragon that lives in the mountains nearby. While the party has had no trouble that was attributed to The Chamber or Calastryx, the sudden loss of a lucrative black market outlet surely couldn’t have gone unnoticed by The Chamber.

Plus The Party’s Personal Agenda!

This is in addition to the stories that each player (save the new one) has sent me! There is a lot going on in around Lakeshire, and things are only going to get more interesting from here.

Adventure from May
There's no way we're talking to living things. We're talking to dead things.

The Wayward Hunters debated between talking to the Shivaun’Ti (who they took an ancient relic from to give to Hoberon’s patron devil), or talking with the Warlord of the Sword Barrow. The party decided to talk with the Warlord. At the journey’s end, the party is ambushed by most of the Barrowhaunts – apparently their base of operations is out of the Sword Barrrow.

After defeating most of their opponents parleying with the survivor, the heroes return to Hunters Hold to plot again. While contemplating courses of action, Arogoth committed a Minecraft sin; he dug straight down. The 1st floor of Hunters Hold gave way to an arcane laboratory!


Yet to be calculated…


Well, the basement.

Adventure from April 28th

As the Wayward Hunters emerge from the abandoned temple of Orcus, they are assaulted by Adrian ‘Iceheart’ Reginold of The Barrowhuants and a troupe of languishing mercenary spirits. Adrian had enhanced the abilities of the spirits with sigils that granted the host uncommon powers which they used to their fullest extent. The collective efforts of the party where still greater, and Adrian abandoned the spirits to fend for themselves against the party.

Upon returning to Hunter’s Hold, the party discover Shadowvar agents have escorted Erart Mirt to deliver two warnings to the Wayward Hunters: that the party has inadvertently attracted the notice of a rouge mage that was opening up portals to the elemental planes, and that Erart would be out of the region for an extended period of time (contact with others within the Shadowvar are not recommended).

The party recovers and conducts business in town as they prepare to face the threats coming to them…


You should have 7,600xp – 100xp over the limit needed for level 6!


Upgraded Arcane Lock on Hunter’s Hold (DC 27; Barrowhaunts can no longer enter Hunter’s Hold)
Infinite Wardrobe (looks like Shadowvar uniforms upon opening)
A supply convoy belonging to the Shadowvar has arrived at Hunter’s Hold. There is a chance a common or uncommon magic item of level 6 or lower is available from the convoy. PLEASE PICK THESE BEFORE THE NEXT SESSION; I will tell you if you find it or not ASAP

Adventure from February 24th
Luck. We have none.

The Wayward Hunters continued to search for their search for the outsider, solving ancient security puzzles and fending off creatures and traps born of the elemental plane of fire. Eventually the party defeats the outsider, claiming some much sought-after loot.




Helm of Languages
+2 Black Iron Scale Armor
2350gp in valuables

Adventure from February 10th
So, we have these guys who want their home back...

The Wayward Hunters continue their clean-up of Hunter’s Hold. Zournal discovers the sacrifices required to augment the transportation glyphs on the second floor, as well as the components needed to put the companion symbol on his fellow adventurers. Arogoth did odd jobs in Lakeshire, while Hobaron tried to research potential caches of treasure to fund the restoration of Hunter’s Hold. Breen discovered a settlement mostly consisting of gnomes in a swampland south east of Lakeshire.

While at Hunter’s Hold, the party was ambushed by two undead monsters that where later identified to be members of the Barrowhaunts; a group of adventurers who committed an act so bad that an ancient undead warlord cursed them to wander the world for all time.

Upon returning to Lakeshire, Zournal and Hobaron find that Benizius was murdered by another ember of the Barrowhaunts. Jorgal requests that the Wayward Hunters dispatch the Barrowhaunts – which proves to be no easy task as preparations are being made. They do not know how the full strength of the Barrowhaunts will manifest in their center of power, or how to banish them for good from the Material Plane – and this ignores the desires of the warlord who bestowed the curse.

While contemplating these choices, the party spots a meteor plummeting into the ground. Needing a ‘break’ from planning and digging, they gather their gear an goes to the site. In an attempt to intersect the path of the extraplanar being, the party goes through a ruined temple of Orcus that is now inhabited by fire-infused defenses…


(Note: your PCs started the adventure at 5,500xp)


Ritual Candle


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